When you have lived the first years of your life in the country, far from the hubbub of the city center, a lifestyle that respects the environment is a natural part of everyday life. It uses everything to the best possible advantage, repairs broken items rather than buying new ones, and uses the produce of the nearby forest. This same lifestyle can also be seen in business activities.

Reindeer antlers are obtained from local reindeer farms, nearby. Most of the tools are bought from local shops - close by. (unfortunately, you can't get everything from Kuusamo). Jewelry is ordered from Finnish operators - via the internet.

Reindeer shed their antlers every year, and animals are not harmed by the antlers. Possible waste pieces are taken to the forest, small rodents snap them into better mouths. Of course, we also minimize waste: a slightly damaged, but usable material can end up being further processed into unique jewelry. Deer antlers are sometimes found in the forest, but most often we get them from hunters after they have felled the animal.

We take orders for transport at the same time as we move around with other things, or sometimes we can go for a bike ride and at the same time handle the orders further.

When possible, we use recycled materials for packaging, e.g. cardboard boxes or protective plastic, and don't be alarmed if you sometimes find the pages of a local newspaper in your order for protection. We order a larger batch of metal parts and jewelry boxes at once.