Our Story

Luoniva's story began in the forests of Souht Kuusamo, Finland, where Tiina liked to adventure as a little girl. She lost track of time when she was cooking soup from mushrooms, needles, pine cones and stones, scuttling from one pot to another, jumping over ditches with the dogs or going down a hill with her sisters in the winter.

The road led through Kajaani to Oulu, until Tiina got to know Mikko and returned to her home region. In the summer of 2020, Tiina found a piece of reindeer antler in her father's shed. He started sanding it a bit and in the process got to know the multi-purpose tool Dremel. Yes, it must have taken an hour or so, until vague balls had formed from a piece of reindeer antler. "a snowball, make me like that too!" commented Tiina's mother and sister.

More reindeer antlers were found and Tiina took them with her to start designing jewelry in her storage. At first we used only a small pattern saw and my father's old dremel. Mikko soon became interested in the matter as well and soon made more elaborate jewelry designs.

Today, Mikko is constantly inventing new ways to handle the antler, while also constantly coming up with new jewelry ideas. Tiina tries to keep up with the tools, but she still enjoys creating something beautiful.

13.11.2023 Tiina become a full-time jewelry entrepreneur.

Thank you for being a part of making our dream come true!