Just like you, all our jewelry is unique, the shapes and colors of the parts vary according to the material. Craftsmanship gives an additional spice, as each part of the jewelry is sawn and polished individually. As a rule, we use natural materials in our products, which can be found in the nearby forests in Kuusamo. The metal parts are either silver or surgical steel, which we order from Finnish operators.

Reindeer antler

Reindeer's antlers grow very fast, up to 2 cm per day. It is said that the reindeer antler is the fastest growing bone in the world. Both male and female reindeer grow new antlers every year. Deer (male reindeer) shed their antlers in the fall and fawns (female reindeer) in the spring after giving birth. Reindeer are therefore not harmed in the production of our jewelry. Reindeer parts are water resistant, but we recommend removing jewelry before washing, sauna and swimming.

Moose antler

There is not much difference between moose and reindeer antlers as jewelry material. Moose antler is perhaps a little harder and its surface is more jagged than reindeer antler.

Surgical steel

Surgical steel, i.e. high-quality stainless steel, is generally suitable for people with sensitive skin and allergies. Surgical steel is slightly darker than silver, and its color does not change with use. Surgical steel is also a durable material. Sometimes surgical steel jewelry can be cleaned with a mild detergent and warm water. Surgical steel contains nickel, but in such a form that it cannot be released into the skin.

Silver (925)

The silver we use is so-called sterling silver, where 92.5% is silver and the remaining 7.5% other metals, e.g. copper, zinc and platinum. Pure silver would be too soft to make jewelry. Our hooks have a stamp to identify the authenticity of the silver. Silver can darken over time, but it can be cleaned with, for example, a silver cleaner.