Antler jewelry care instructions

Thank you for choosing organic jewelry for your use!

Reindeer and elk antler jewelry are trusted jewelry for nature lovers and, if properly cared for, also long-lasting.

Antler jewelry should be put on last - after putting on clothes, hair sprays and other chemicals. Preferably store your jewelry in a jewelry box, where it will not rub against other jewelry.

The antler is slightly water resistant, but I still can't recommend wearing jewelry while swimming, sauna, or showering. Then the surface softens a little and it can easily get scratches, for example. Also, the surface can become a bit sticky and uneven when wet. If glue has been used in your jewelry, the glue may come off after getting wet.

Over time, different chemicals can stain the antler. Also the bacteria of your own skin may slightly change the tone of the antler - this is completely individual, depending on the person who wears the jewelry as well as the antler. But don't be afraid of this, the tone will change - if it changes at all - in the long run and the tone will not change radically.

Surgical steel can usually also be used by people who are allergic to silver, and it is also more durable and harder than silver. Surgical steel is slightly darker, but it does not darken any more over time. If the surgical steel requires cleaning, you can wipe it with a damp cloth or use it under the tap. As long as you remember to avoid excessive watering of the antlers. Surgical steel contains nickel, but in such a form that it is not released from the material onto the skin.

All silver darkens/yellows over time, but don't worry - silver can be brightened again. There are various cleaning cloths and substances for that, but there are also home techniques for brightening silver. You can put a piece of foil in a heat-resistant dish. Put common salt and boiling hot water on top of the foil. Immerse the silver parts in the salt-water mixture and the brightening happens right under your eyes. Remember to avoid getting the antlers wet!